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Project Management Terminology Section

This section of management tutor covers project management terminologies. It covers project management terms(glossary) such as WBS, risk register, RAM, supply chain, scope triangle, project charter

  • Project Management Glossary

    This page of Project Management section mentions project management glossary.This terms or terminologies are useful for project management professionals.

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  • What is Supply Chain Management?

    This page describes what is supply chain and mentions supply chain management process.We will understand role of supply chain in project management.

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  • What is Critical Path?

    This page describes about basics of critical path.It explains how to determine critical path in a network diagram or schedule diagram.

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  • What is Project Charter?

    This page describes about project charter in project management.The page mentions project charter template with example.

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  • What is WBS?

    This page describes about WBS in project management.WBS is the short form of Work Breakdown structure used in project planning process group.

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  • What is RAM?

    This page describes about RAM in project management.RAM is the short form of Responsibility Assignment Matrix used in project management.

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  • What is Risk Register?

    This page describes Risk register basic contents.It mentions risk register format.

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  • What is Scope Triangle?

    This page describes what is scope triangle or quality triangle.

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