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This page describes about project charter in project management.The page mentions project charter template with example.

what is project charter?

The first thing done on new project is development of project charter. It is the document which authorizes to do the work. It is also the document which authorizes the project manager to officially starts the project, assign the team to the activities and schedule the tasks as per the need of the stake holders. Moreover this document clarifies to the team working on the project as to why this project is essential for the company.

In the organization, sponsor is appointed who will be responsible to fund the project as well as issue the project charter to the project manager and project management team.

This team will assist the sponsor to develop the project charter. The team comprised of project manager, consultants, stake holders, customers, sponsors, professionals and technical experts, industry groups, other units(marketing,finance,HR,Quality team,PMO) etc.

Project charter also highlights summary of the milestones to be achieved in addition to the business case. Following figure-1 depicts typical columns in the project charter template.

Project Charter template with example

project charter template

As mentioned in the example template, it includes project scope with milestones, assigned project manager, stake holders and authority level and business case. The document is usually signed by sponsor/CEO.