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This page on project management software tools mention useful tools used as project management software for effective project management.

Project Management Software

The project management involves many processes. These processes are applied in various stages of the project such as initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and control to achieve the desired benefit set aside by the stake holders. Refer PM chart which covers 44 processes involved in the project management.

As this is the edge of software applications/softwares in every engineering disciplines. Project management software is used to manage the project effectively and efficiently.

Project management softwares are designed based on the need. Basically there are two types of project management tools viz. web based(online) and desktop based. One need to select the appropriate project management tools based on their functional requirements.

They are further divided in two categories such as "single-user" and "collaborative" programs. There are different licensing options for project management software. They are open source license and proprietary license. The cost of the project management tools vary widely. Hence user will have options to choose the right software tools based on their need and cost availability. Typically cost varies from $50 to $20K.

Project Management tools

Following are the project management tools available from different developers today to serve the need of the project managers.

Microsoft project: It is the most popular project management tool in the market.

OpenProj: It is free and suitable for desktop based project management. Works on linux, Mac, Windows, Unix.

dotProject: It is web based application. It has multi language support. It is free and available as open source.

GanttProject: It is free. It is project management and scheduling tool.

PHProjekt: It is fee and open source application. It helps share the results via web.

ConsultComm: It is written using java and hence it is platform independent. It helps manage multiple projects.

TaskJuggler: It is an open source PM tool.

Collabtive: It is web based application. It is multi-language application which supports about twenty languages.

OpenGoo: It is online application. It is used for team management, productivity improvement and more.

ProjectPier: It is free, open source software and it is web based application .

Redmine: It is open source web based application for project management. It is written using ROR(Ruby on Rails). Hence it is used cross database and cross platform. It supports multiple languages.

The other project management tools are Podio, ActiveCollab, TeamLab, Smartsheet, Huddle, 5pmWeb, Wrike, Liquid Planner, Zoho Project, Insightly, Manymoon, AtTask, Basecamp, Teambox, Central Desktop, AgileZen, Webcollaboration, Project Spaces, Comindwork, HyperOffice, DeskAway, OfficeMedium etc.


Due to advances in the main frame and software programming, various tools have been developed and also are under development for the project community. The choice of the project management software tools depend upon the user requirements. These list of 10+20 project management tools are very useful for the buyer to choose the right one.