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What is Scope?

This section mentions link to difference between management terminologies or difference between various Project management terms.

The term scope is broadly categorized into product scope and project scope. Product scope means the features and functions of the product or service that you and your team are building.

Project scope is all of the work that needs to be done to make the product. Scope planning and scope management will help team to avoid any extra work due to change in requirements at later point of time.

There are five scope management processes as mentioned below:
•  Collect the requirements
•  Define the scope
•  Create WBS
•  Control Scope
•  Verify Scope

Project team, stakeholders and subject matter experts will use following techniques/methods to collect the requirements:
•  Interviews
•  Facilitated workshops
•  Focus groups
•  Mind maps, Delphi technique, Affinity Diagrams, brainstorming

Using the above project scope statement is prepared. Project team also reviews project charter to develop the preliminary project scope statement. Project charter basically provides information about project justification and objectives. The project scope statement is essential and will serve following purpose.
•  To provide a common understanding of project scope among the stakeholders
•  To describe in detail project's deliverables and work required to create those deliverables.
•  To enable project team to perform detailed planning
•  To guide the project team's work during the execution
•  To provide the baseline for evaluating whether requests for changes or additional work are contained within or outside the project's boundaries.

Based on project scope statement and availability of resources Work Breakdown Structure(WBS) is dveloped. After this

Scope Management

Scope Management

The management of scope is useful to verify the scope and control the scope. This helps track the features or work completed in a project and amount of work or featured pending to be completed.

Once the project scope statement is developed formal acceptance of the same need to be obtained from the sponsor and stakeholders. This is the goal of verify scope process in scope management.

As we know that there is no way to predict every possible piece of work that you and your team are going to do in the project. Somewhere along the way, you or someone else will realize that a change needs to happen and that change will affect the scope baseline. This is why control scope process is needed. It's how one make sure that changes to the scope are clear to everyone and consequences of the changes are also known.