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Top 10 Project Management interview questions and answers

This page describes Project Manager interview questionnaire written by specialists in project management domain. This top 10 project management interview questions and answers will help interviewee pass the Project Manager job interview with ease.

Question-1: Which is the type of organization you are working in? What is your position in the organization?
Answer-1: You need to answer based on your knowledge on different organization types such as functional, projectized and matrix. The idea here is to judge your knowledge on organizational structure and your roles and responsibilities, ownership in your organization.

Question-2: Suppose in the midway of the project execution; the customer changes the requirements or features to be developed in your project; how do you handle this situation?
Answer-2: This need to be answered based on your knowledge on both waterfall model and agile model of software development management. The idea here is to judge your knowledge on change control process and various processes followed during change request phase of the project.

Question-3: Suppose you need to increase the team size in your project; how do you handle this? How do you manage attrition of critical resource on your project?
Answer-3: In order to increase team size in the project recruitment is needed. This can be internal recruitment or external recruitment. Internal refers to moving the resources from other projects or other teams to the project you are handling. External refers to fresh recruitment from outside your organization. For this you need to pass information to HR team. One need to explain a bit on HR process.

Attrition of the critical resources can only be avoided or reduced by way of motivation. Motivation can be in the form of promotion, pay package or awards or other rewards. READ MORE.

Question-4:Have you used project management software? If yes which one. How do you manage if you have come to know that you are behind schedule for the delivery to one of your important client?
Answer-4: Need to answer on handson project management software worked upon or used e.g. Microsoft project. Gantt chart is useful to determine the project activities versus their resource assignment as well as time duration. This helps to determine which activities are critical, which activities are delaying and need to be completed immediately, which activities are sleeping and so on. This helps project manager plan to pull more and skilled resources for the critical task or plan to have few must needed features to be completed before time so that they can be delivered on time. Also refer time compression techniques.

Question-5: You have come to know that one of your team member is not performing; How to you handle this situation?
Answer-5: This can be answered based on how do you get trained the resources after they have been hired. Is the competency development is taken care for them? Is sufficient training provided if they are new to the job they have been assigned with? The answer will judge project manager's ability to train the new as well as experienced candidate after they have been hired.

Question-6: How do you manage conflicts between your team members?
Answer-6: This question of project management interview questions and answers section will judge project manager's ability to do conflict management. The question to be answered based on your knowledge on conflict management. Communication plays very important role in this situation.

Question-7: Are you involved in Quality Assurance in your organization? What role do you play in Quality Assurance?
Answer-7: In this question one need to answer on quality assurance processes followed in respective organization where they are working. Also the role you are playing or played need also to be mentioned.

Question-8: Are you involved in appraisal of your team? What processes are followed in your organization as part of appraisal?
Answer-8: In this, entire organization appraisal process to be explained and your specific role to be highlighted.

Question-9: How do you manage risks in the project?
Answer-9: In this question one need to explain about risk planning, risk mitigation and various risk related documents you are maintaining in your ptoject. One can also highlight specific scenarios encountered during project execution.

Question-10: Have you involved or worked in agile way of product development/management? If so, what is your role? Also differentiate difference between agile software development and traditional software project management.
Answer-10: One need to mention the role played in agile scrum. Also refer difference between agile and scrum as well as agile scrum methodology to understand difference between traditional and agile software development processes.

These project management interview questions and answers will help pass the project manager position related job interview with comfort and confidence. One can also refer difference between page which covers comparison between many useful terms associated with project management domain.

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