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Project Integration Management Processes

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Project managers make the projects successful. Project managers plan what is going to happen on the project right from the time they have been assigned to the projects till the closure. They closely watch the progress with the plan. They see to it that; when things goes wrong they are fixed. The day to day work is all about Integration Management Processes.

In summary,
First you get assigned to a project ➨ Then you plan out all the work that will be done ➨ Then you make sure the work is done properly, dealing with changes along the way ➨ and once it's finished, you close out the project

There are six integration management processes:

•  develop project charter
•  develop project management plan
•  direct and manage project execution
•  monitor and control project work
•  perform integrated change control
•  close project

develop project charter

Develop Project Charter Process

The very first thing which is done on any new start up project is development of project charter. The project charter officially sanctions the project. Without a charter, project cannot begin. This document authorizes project manager to do the work. He will not always be involved in making it. It is handed over to him by the sponsor. The sponsor usually is reponsible for funding for the entire duration of the project. A typical project charter will have following sections.

•  The purpose of the project
•  Describes the product the project has to develop
•  Who is the project manager and what he need to do
•  A list of dates that project needs to meet
•  Why the company has decided to do this project

A business case document mentions why it is worth to spend money on the project.

develop project management plan

Develop Project Management Plan Process

The project management plan gives everything that happens on the project. It spans all the nine project management knowledge areas. It is the core of integration management. The plan is the main tool for running a project.

direct and manage project execution

Direct and Manage Project Execution Process

After the plan is done, work need to be carried out. The project manager's job is to make sure everyone is doing what they supposed to be doing. Also make sure that products or services getting created meet the need of the stakeholders.

monitor and control project work

monitor and control project work process

A good PM will constantly monitor each and every things on the project during execution. As earlier PM finds any problem, easier and less expensive to fix it.

perform integrated change control

perform integrated change control process

Once the problems are found on the project, project manager will work with the team to resolve them. If it is required to involve stakeholders and sponsors they will also be included to figure out how to deal with the problems. If plan required to be updated to complete the project then it is taken care by PM. All the members need to be informed about the change in project plan so that all stay on the same page.

close project

The last thing project manager do is close the project. Project manager make sure that documentation is taken care. Lesson learned is one such important document.