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Project Management Basics

This page describes project management basics. It covers how to manage project effectively. It covers project management 9 knowledge areas, 5 process groups and 44 processes mapped to them.

making tea

Before we jump into project management we will go through key definitions of project and process. For example making tea is a project. The processes involved in making tea are collecting ingredients(water, sugar, milk, tea powder), adding all the ingredients in a vessel, boiling the ingredients for some time on stove or gas.

What is Project?

Project is a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service or result. Following are the three main characteristics which define any project.
•  Projects are temporary endeavor meaning they will have definite beginning and end.
•  Projects produce unique products, service or results.
•  Projects are progressive elaborated. Here progressive elaboration means developing in steps and continuing by increments.

Managing a project include following:
•  Identify requirements
•  Establish clear and achievable objectives
•  Balancing competing demands of quality, scope, time and cost
•  Meeting the expectations of all stakeholders of the project

In order to do project management, project manager supposed to do following:
•  Accomplish project objectives by managing scope, time, cost and quality
•  Risk identification and management
•  Adhere to code of professional conduct

What is Process?

It is defined as series of steps or actions performed to achieve some task. We find processes in our day to day life. Few of the examples of processes are as follows:
•  Writing a letter
•  Cleaning a bathroom
•  washing car
•  calling someone
•  Changing oil in Bike

Project Management 5 Process Groups

Project Management 5 process groups

Project management life cycle has 5 process groups as mentioned below:
•  Initiating Process Group
•  Planning Process Group
•  Executing Process Group
•  Monitoring and Control Process Group
•  Closing Process Group

Project Management 9 Knowledge Areas

Project Management 5 Knowledge Areas

Project Management has 9 knowledge Areas as mentioned below:
•  Project Integration Management,READ MORE
•  Project Scope Management,READ MORE
•  Project Time Management,READ MORE
•  Project Cost Management,READ MORE
•  Project Quality Management,READ MORE
•  Project Human Resource Management,READ MORE
•  Project Communication Management,READ MORE
•  Project Risk Management,READ MORE
•  Project Procurement Management,READ MORE