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PMP Exam Preparation Tips Online

This page describes step by step guide for PMP Exam Preparation. This online PMP exam tips are very useful to pass the exam at first attempt.

PMP certification is awarded by PMI institute, USA. Prometric conducts PMP certification exam test in the various countries across the world. Visit prometric site for more information on PMP test eligibility criteria and test centers. It is the certification ideal for the professionals in the project management domain. PMP certification has following benefits compare to non PMP professionals.

•  Help learn many new skills adopted worldwide by project managers
•  It helps you separate from the crowd when you are looking for job or would like to change the job. This is because company HRs give preference to PMP certified project managers.
•  The knowledge gaps get filled in after going through PMP exam.
•  PMP professionals are paid 10-20 % more than noncertified ones.
•  Personal credibility is established and person will be recognized globally.
•  Helps others believe in your professional and social behavior.

Management Tutor provides best pmp exam prep online guide for the people seeking to pass the PMP exam at first attempt. Follow the PMP Exam Tips outlined below which directs one to the managementtutor site's various sections and pages.

➨STEP-1: As we know PMP exam covers processes followed in 9 knowledge areas and 5 process groups. The exam requires one to have knowledge of these processes and their mapping between knowledge areas and process groups.Go through the Project management chart.

➨STEP-2: There will be so many calculation questions based on PMP formulas on various project management subjects. Remember the PMP Exam Formulas.

➨STEP-3: Go thorough and try out calculations based on above PMP formulas. Refer our section on calculators.

➨STEP-4: Go through 9 knowledge areas mentioned below on project management. This helps one understand various PMP exam related terminologies and their relationships in the project.
•  Project Integration Management
•  Project Scope Management
•  Project Time Management
•  Project Cost Management
•  Project Quality Management
•  Project Human Resource Management
•  Project Communication Management
•  Project Risk Management
•  Project Procurement Management

➨STEP-5: There will be a question based on network diagram. It will be asked to determine critical path as well as free float and total float. Go through critical path basics and free float vs total float.

➨STEP-6: Go through difference between various project management related terminologies. This helps asks many questions on PMP Exam. Go through section on Difference between.

Best wishes from managementtutor site for PMP Exam Preparation. We hope that these PMP exam tips will help professionals acquire the project management knowledge as well as will help them pass the PMP exam very easily and at first attempt. Readers can go through these managementtutor website as pmp exam prep online guide and share across.


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