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This page covers PMP EXAM Formulas.It covers useful formulas to pass the PMP EXAM.

PMP Exam Formulas

The formulas include payback period, net present value, activity duration, cost and schedule formulas, forecasting formulas, communication link, quality formulas etc.

These formulas are very useful for appearing in PMP exam. There will be questions in PMP exams based on these equations.

Payback Period

Following equation is used to calculate payback period. As mentioned it is the ratio of total investment to cash inflow.

PMP payback period formula

Present Value

Following equation is used to calculate net present value.

PMP Present Value formula

Activity Duration

Following formula is used to calculate activity duration based on PERT method.

PMP activity duration formula

Schedule and cost PMP exam formulas

Following PMP exam formulas are very useful for schedule and cost estimates and calculations.

PMP schedule cost formulas

Forcasting Formulas

Following are forecasting formulas for schedule and cost.

PMP forcasting formulas

ES,EF,LS,LF PMP formulas

Following calculates ES(Early Start), EF(Early Finish), LS(Late Start) and LF(Late Finish) of the activities/tasks in the network diagram. For more information refer ES EF LS LF page.

PMP Early Late Start Finish formulas

Number of Communication Links

Following is the PMP formula used to calculate number of communication links between people.

PMP communication links formula

Quality Formulas for PMP Exam

Following quality related formulas are very useful for PMP exam.

PMP quality formula


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