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Top 10 PMP Exam FAQs-General Project Management Questions,Answers

This page of project management blog covers top 10 PMP Exam FAQs. This PMP Exam questions and answers are based on general project management.

List of Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) and Answers

Question-1: Project Management is:
a. The integration of the critical path method and earned value management system
b. The application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project activities to meet project requirements
c. The application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project activities to achieve operational excellence
d. A subset of most engineering and other technical disciplines

Question-2: Project deliverables are:
a. Project phases of project life cycle
b. Measurable, verifiable work product, results, or service that must be produced to complete a process, phase or peoject
c. Detailed descripton of project product
d. Work elements defined in work breakdown dictionary

Question-3: Project based organizations are those whose operations generally consist of all the following EXCEPT:
a. Generating revenue by performing projects for others
b. Organizations that have adopted 'management by projects'
c. Having management systems in place to facilitate project management in on going operations
d. Having management systems in place to facilitate process based operations

Question-4: In a typical matrix organization, functional managers are responsible for all of the following EXCEPT:
a. General administrative philosophy
b. Assignment of personnel
c. Development standards
d. Monitoring performance

Question-5: The project manager has the lowest level of independence and authority in a which of the following organization:
a. Functional
b. Weak matrix
c. Strong matrix
d. Projectized

These PMP EXAM FAQs on general project management cover questions and answers very useful for the PMP aspirants.

Question-6: All the following are generally true about the project management office(PMO) EXCEPT:
a. It may provide administrative support to project managers
b. It should be located in a bright, well ventilated, centralized area
c. It may facilitate in developing templates
d. It may be responsible for the results of the project

Question-7: How is a project expeditor different from the project co-ordinator?
a. The project expeditor can not make decisions
b. The project expeditor can make more decisions
c. The Project expeditor reports to a higher level manager
d. The project expeditor has some authority

Question-8: The project charter is created during which life cycle phase?
a. Execution
b. Planning
c. Closing
d. Initiation

Question-9: A detailed project schedule can be created only after creating the
a. Project budget
b. Work Breakdown Structure
c. Project Plan
d. Detailed risk assessment

Question-10: All of the following are part of the team's stakeholder management effort EXCEPT:
a. Giving stakeholders extras
b. Identifying stakeholders
c. Determining stakeholders needs
d. Managing stakeholders expectations

Answers to General Project Management FAQS

1. B   2. B   3. D   4. D   5. A   6. B   7. A   8. D   9. B   10. A


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