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Top 10 PMP Exam FAQs-Project Scope Management Questions,Answers

This page of project management blog covers top 10 PMP Exam FAQs. This PMP Exam questions and answers are based on project scope management.

List of Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) and Answers

Question-1: All of the following are true about the scope statement EXCEPT
a. It is an output of scope verification
b. It describes the major project's deliverables
c. It provides a common understanding of the project scope among all project stakeholders
d. It provides the baseline for evaluating whether requests for changes or additional work are contained within or outside project's boundaries

Question-2: A project scope change control system including all of the following EXCEPT:
a. Documentation
b. Tracking system
c. Approval levels
d. Evaluation process

Question-3: Which of the following is not an output of scope control?
a. WBS update
b. Recommend corrective actions
c. Requested changes
d. Performance reports

Question-4: Scope verification
a. Is the process of obtaining stakeholders formal acceptance of the completed project scope and associated deliverables
b. Refers to the final project report describing the project at completion
c. Is not necessary if the project completes on time and on budget
d. Occurs only when revisions or change orders are made to the project

Question-5: During what phase of the life cycle is the project scope statement created?
a. Initiation process group
b. Planning process group
c. Execution process group
d. Controlling process group

These PMP EXAM FAQs on scope management cover questions and answers very useful for the PMP aspirants.

Question-6: When should scope verification be done?
a. At the end of the project
b. At the beginning of the project
c. end of project phase
d. During planning

Question-7: A project manager has just been assigned to a new project and has been given the completed project scope statement. The FIRST thing the project manager must do is:
a. Create a project plan using the WBS
b. Confirm that all the stakeholders have had input to the scope of work
c. Form a team to create the procurement plan
d. Create a network diagram

Question-8: The construction phase of project is near completion. The next phase is testing and implementation. The project is two weeks ahead of schedule. What should the project manager be MOST concerned with before moving on to the final phase?
a. Scope verification
b. Quality control
c. Performance reports
d. Cost control

Question-9: Last week you were on holiday. Today you are examining multiple scope change requests on a project you were asked to take over because the previous project manager decided to resign. To assess the degree to which the project scope will change, you need to compare the requests to which project document?
a. Scope statement
b. WBS
c. Project Plan
d. Scope management plan

Question-10: During the concept phase of your project, management indicated that it wants the expected benefit of each new project to outweigh its development costs. This is an example of :
a. An assumption
b. A constraint
c. Use the constrained optimization method of the project selection
d. A technical requirement

Question-11: Your organization's research department has isolated an advanced microbe. Management asked you to determine whether a project to commercialize the agent should be initiated. Accordingly, you need to prepare a
a. feasibility study
b. Return on investment report
c. Make-or-Buy analysis
d. Project charter

Answers to Project Scope Management FAQS

1. A   2. D   3. D   4. A   5. B   6. C   7. B   8. A   9. B   10. B   11. A


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