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Top 10 PMP Exam FAQs-Project Integration Management Questions,Answers

This page of project management blog covers top 10 PMP Exam FAQs. This PMP Exam questions and answers are based on project Integration management.

List of Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) and Answers

Question-1: Which process is included in Project Integration Management?
a. Develop Project Charter
b. Scope Definition
c. Scope Verification
d. Procurement Plan

Question-2: The project management plan should include all the following EXCEPT:
a. Risk register
b. Milestone list
c. Cost baseline
d. Organizational process assets

Question-3: Effective project integration usually requires an emphasis on :
a. A personal careers of the team members
b. Timely updates to the project plan
c. Effective communications at key interface points
d. Internal control

Question-4: Integration is done by :
a. Project Manager
b. Team
c. Management
d. Stakeholder

Question-5: A company procedure requires the updating of organization process assets. Which of the BEST use of organization process assets?
a. Historical information for future projects
b. Planning record for the current project
c. Informing the team about what the project manager has done
d. Informing the team about the plan

These PMP EXAM FAQs on Integration management cover questions and answers very useful for the PMP aspirants.

Question-6: You are taking over a project and determine the following: Task B has an EF of day 3, a LF of day 6 and ES of day 2. Task L is being done by a hard-to-get resource. The CPI is 1.1 and SPI is 0.8. Now as per information present which is the most concerned choice from options given.
a. Float
b. Resources
c. Cost
d. Schedule

Question-7: You are in the middle of executing a major modifications to an existing product when you learn that resources promised at the beginning of the project are not available. The BEST thing to do is to:
a. Show how the resources were originally promised to your project
b. Re-plan the project without the resources
c. Explain what will happen if the resources are not made available
d. Crash the project

Question-8: A project manager learns that corrective action was taken by a team member and was not documented. What should the project manager do NEXT?
a. Report the violation to the functional manager
b. Clarify the reasoning behind the team member's action
c. Add the corrective action to the historical record
d. Find out who caused the problem

Question-9: While completing a project, a Project Manager realizes the needs to decrease project costs. After researching his opinions, he comes upwith the following choices. Which choice would DECREASE project costs?
a. Change to component A from component B. Component A costs more to purchase but a lower life cycle cost then B
b. Change task A to be completed by resources B instead of resource C. Resource B is a more experienced worker.
c. Move tasks B and H to occur concurrently, and take the risk of 30% increase in the need for five more resources later.
d. Remove a test from the project plan.

Question-10:You are collecting information about your project's work results, such as what costs have been incurred or committed and which deliverables have been completed and which remain outstanding. You will use this information in which of the following processes?
a. Project Plan Execution
b. Integrated Change Control
c. Performance reporting
d. Scope verification

Question-11: As project manager, you realize the importance of status review meetings. But you also recognize that your team and other key stakeholders are very busy and do not want to attend. Because you are in the project execution phase, these meetings:
a. Should be held frequently to obtain agreement about goals and methods to achieve them
b. Can be reduced in frequency and duration
c. Need to be intensified to tie up loose ends
d. Must be scheduled regularly to document patient reactively.

Question-12: You are part of a team that is preparing a project plan for your company's new wireless VCR project line. The team is reviewing a number of items as it prepares the plan, which one of the following is an example of constraint that you should consider ?
a. Records of past performance
b. Financial reports from similar projects
c. Predefined budget
d. Lessons learned from previous projects

Answers to Project Integration Management FAQS

1. A   2. D   3. C   4. A   5. A   6. D   7. C   8. C   9. D   10. C   11. B   12. C


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