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Difference between Project manager and PMO

This page describes basics of project manager and PMO and mentions difference between Project manager and PMO roles abd responsibilities.

Project Manager

The person responsible for the project management is referred as Project Manager. Stakeholders in the company gives authority to project manager to run the project and make him responsible for the project.

Project Management Office-PMO

It is also known as program office, project office or program management office. PMO can influence the project. A PMO is an organizational unit to centralize and coordinates the management of projects under its domain. PMO can receive delegated authority to: • Take key decision maker during the initial stage of each project.
• Act as an integral stakeholder
• Make recommendations or terminate projects to keep business objectives consistent.
• Involve in selection management, re-deployment of shared project personnel or even dedicated project personnel wherever required.

Let us understand difference between roles and responsibilites of project manager and PMO.

Project Manager Roles & Responsibilities PMO Roles & Responsibilities
Aligned with strategic needs of the organization
Responsible for delivering specific project objectives within the constraints of the project PMO is an organization structure with specific mandates that can include an enterprise perspective
Focus on specified project objectives PMO manages major program scope changes and can view them as potential opportunities to better achieve business
Control the assigned project resources to best meet the project objectives Optimizes the use of shared organizational resources across the projects
Manages the scope, schedule, cost and quality of the products of the work packages Manages overall risks, overall opportunities,project interdependencies
Reports on project progress and other project specific information Provides consolidated reporting and an enterprise view of projects under its preview

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