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Agile vs Scrum-Difference between agile and scrum

This page compares Agile vs Scrum and mentions basics of both agile and scrum methods and outlines main difference between agile and scrum.


As we know dictionary meaning of Agile is quick moving. Agile methodology considers software as most important entity and accepts user requirement changes. Agile advises that we should accept changes and deliver the same in small releases. Agile accepts change as a norm and encourages constant feedback from end user or end customer.

Following are points which agile follows and differs from traditional methodologies.

•  Unlike traditional methodology, agile need good team interaction.

•  In agile working software is more important than documentation.

•  Rather than keeping customer contacts, customer interaction is important in agile.

•  In agile, if the customer wants to change requirement the same can be analyzed and plan can be changed accordingly to incorporate them.

Following are the principles behind agile methodology.

•  Welcome change and adapt to change in requirements.

•  As mentioned working software is main measure of the progress.

•  Customer satisfaction is important thing and this can be achievable by rapid continuous delivery of useful software.

•  Day to day meetings between business people and development team is must.

•  Business and developers must work together and face to face communication is essential.

•  Deliver and update the software on regular basis.In Agile we donot deliver software in one go but rather deliver frequently and deliver the important features initially.

•  Build projects around teams of motivated and trustful people.

•  Design and execution should be kept simple.

•  Strive for technical excellence in design and execution.

•  Allow team to organize themselves.

Agile modeling is an approach to the modeling aspects of software development. It is a practice for modeling and documentation for software systems. In Agile main deliverable is a working software and not the documentation. Documentation is just a support to get the working software. In traditional approach, lot of documentation is generated in design and requirement phase.

agile methodologies

Agile is a thinking approach to software development which promises to remove the issues we were having with traditional waterfall methodology. Following methodologies are used to implement agile. The same have been mentioned below:

1. Extreme programming
2. Feature driven development
3. Lean software development
4. Dynamic system development method
5. Adaptive software development
6. Crystal
7. Scrum

As mentioned above difference between agile and scrum is that scrum is the methodology to implement agile way of working in the project environment.


As mentioned Scrum is a methodology which solves rapid changes in customer requirements which was not solved by traditional method. Scrum believes in problem can not always be understood or defined. Rather it concentrates on team's ability to respond to the emerging customer requirements.

Before we look into scrum flow as outlined in fig-2. Let us understand some terminologies with regard to scrum.

Product owner is the end customer or user in scrum.
Product back log is a list of prioritized items to be developed for a software project.
Sprint is a task breakup of product catalog. It is the detail task breakdown for a development team.
Scrum Master is the one who drives the process. These are basically consultants for the scrum process.

scrum flow

Let us see step by step guide to scrum flow below:

• Product owner(or customer) creates a list of product log.

• Team will sit with the product owner and prioritize the product catalog. The team will have discussion with customer which features are must and need to be delivered first.

• In both the above phases, scrum team will breakdown the product catalog into tasks called as sprint backlog.

• The team will start executing the sprint task and monitor the sprint activity. Usually monitoring will be done by all but scrum master will lead the same and see to it that processes including scrum chart is being prepared.

• Once the team is done with the current sprint activity, the next sprint can be planned.

• If there are no more tasks pending or the sprint is the last one then the product log is completed. It means the project is also completed.


Refer agile scrum methodology article for more information.

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