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BCWS vs ACWP vs BCWP-Difference between BCWS,ACWP,BCWP

This page compares BCWS vs ACWP vs BCWP and mentions difference between BCWS, ACWP and BCWP.


BCWS is the short form of Budgeted Cost of Work Scheduled. It is old term for PV (Planned Value).


ACWP is the short form of Actual Cost of Work Performed. It is old term for AC(Actual Cost).


BCWP is the short form of Budgeted cost of work performed. It is old term for EV(Earned Value).

In order to understand BCWS, ACWP and BCWP one has to be go through basics of PV, AC and EV. Refer SPI,SV,CPI,CV calculator for complete details of the same.

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