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What is Management Tutor?

This website Management Tutor provides resources related to project management. It covers resources in the form of article, calculators, difference between various management terminologies, project management exam(PMP,Prince2) preparation guide and more.

Management Tutor is managed by experienced project management professionals having practical experience in the domain. The site covers quality literature to pass the PMP/Prince2 exam with minimal of efforts. This project management blog is very useful for practicing project managers to apply the concepts in their work. It is ideal for beginners in the field of project management.

Management Tutor site pages provide all the useful links in each of the pages so that it is very easy to navigate as per the need by the visitors. Other than project management the blog covers other management disciplines such as marketing, finance, operations, economics etc.

Management Tutor Website Sections

Project Management section: This section on 'project management' covers various topics on the subject. It covers five project management process groups and nine knowledge areas. It covers all the processes involved in the project management. Refer project management section for more.

Calculators section: This section on 'calculators' covers various pages to calculate payback period, schedule variance, cost variance duration of activities, ROI etc. These pages also mention formulas/equations used for the respective calculators. It requires the user to enter required parameters and the calculator will provide the desired output.

EXAM guide section: This section on 'EXAM guide' covers various project management exam related stuff. It covers PMP, Prince2 etc. The formulas/equations related questions and preparation tips related resources are also covered.

Difference between section: This section on 'difference between' covers various comparison of project management terms/terminologies. For example it provides difference between free float vs total float, NPV vs IRR, project vs program, organizational types, PERT vs GANTT and more.